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Kính Cirrus hãng Mallcom, Ấn Độ

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  • Kính chắn văng bắn hóa chất, bụi và phòng dịch
  • Tròng được test theo tiêu chuẩn EN 167




  • UV protective appropriately positioned ventilation.
  • Clean polycarbonate glasses.
  • Flexible PVC frame.
  • Indirect ventilation is offered
  • Scratch Resistance properties of this model improves the model to be durable more.
  • Ergonomically designed model looks excellent

Industry Application: Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Paint, Iron & Steel, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical, Logistics & Transportation, Warehousing & Assembling, Repairs & Maintenance Hazard/Risk: Chemical Splash, Dirt, Vibration

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