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Giường dành cho bệnh nhân tăng cường hồi sức (B868Y-s)

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  • Mattress platform size:(1980×900)±10mm
  • External size:(2220×1065)±10mm
  • Height range(500-780) ±10mm
  • Back section angle:0-70°±2°
  • Knee section angle: 0-30°±2°
  • Tren./Reverse Tren.angle:0-13°±1°


Product features:

  1. Head and foot panels of critical care bed, material is high quality PE plastic which can ensure moderate hardness, strength, good toughness.
  2. Remote master controller is designed by Hopefull and Linak to make sure the compatibility of the intensive critical care bed.
  3. LINAK linear actuators provide reliable movement of critical care bed.
  4. The Trendelenburg position improves circulation in cases of shock and drainage.
  5. Soft drop side rails supported with gas springs to lower the side rail at a reduced, safe speed.
  6. HOPEFULL castor: castor frame is made of die-casting airline aluminum alloy. It is hard and tight. Surface from the professional TPR which make the castor wearable and quiet movement.
  7. One second manual CPR function: in cardiac arrest, high quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a key determinant of patient survival.
  8. Auto-regression function of the backboard can relief the pain of the chest or belly pain of the patient when the backboard is raised up.
B868y-s  Critical Care bed  Intensive and Critical Care bed

Chức năng chính=Main functions

  1. A.Back section up/down
  2. B.Knee section up/down
  3. C.Auto-contour
  4. D.Whole bed up/down
  5. E.Trendelenburg/Reverse Tren.
  6. F.Auto-regression
  7. G.Manual quick release CPR
  8. H.Angle display
  9. I.Backup battery

Chọn lựa=Options

  • Bed extension
  • Iv pole
  • Lifting pole
  • Oxygen cylinder holder
  • Writing table
  • Instrument tray

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