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Giường dành cho bệnh nhân tăng cường hồi sức (B868Y)

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  • Mattress platform size:(1980×990)±10mm
  • External size:(2220×1065)±10mm
  • Height range:(500-780) ±10mm
  • Back section angle:0-70°±2°
  • Knee section angle: 0-36°±2°
  • Tren./Reverse Tren.angle:0-13°±1°


B868y  – Critical Care bed  Intensive and Critical Care bed

Product features:

  • Fashion designed head/foot panels and bedside rails, all surrounded 4 pcs bedside rails ensure the safe protection of intensive care bed.
  • Simple lock of the bedside rail makes it easily up and down.
  • Linak nurse master controller with visible function keys simplify the operation.
  • World No.1 brand Linak motor make the intensive care hospital bed more durable and reliable.
  • The Trendelenburg/Reverse Tren. function facilitates easier patient repositioning
  • Back section X-ray function can be accessed by insert the X-Ray cassette under the backrest.
  • Manual CPR handles on both sides of head section, with gas spring for damper, 1 second to flat the back board, to save much more time for rescue in emergency.
  • Ø125mm,4pcs central locking castor ;Center locking system: one step to free & lock all castors
  • Built in patient control can be shared by the patient and caregiver. Outside is designed with lock for the caregiver; and inside is designed with under bed light button for the patient
  • Four bumpers protect the medical bed from against the wall; it’s designed with IV pole socket in the middle.

Green, Yellow, Blue

Chức năng chính=Main functions

  1. A. Back section up/down
  2. B. Knee section up/down
  3. C. Auto-contour
  4. D. Whole bed up/down
  5. E. Trendelenburg/Reverse Tren.
  6. F. Back section X-ray
  7. G. Auto-regression
  8. H. Manual quick release CPR
  9. I. Electric CPR
  10. J. One button cardiac chair position
  11. K. One button trendelenburg
  12. L. Angle display
  13. M. Backup battery
  14. N. Built-in patient control
  15. O. Under bed light

Chọn lựa=Options

  • Bed extension
  • Iv pole
  • Lifting pole
  • Integrated hook
  • Oxygen cylinder holder
  • Writing table
  • Instrument tray

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