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Giường bệnh nhân chỉnh bằng tay (D356a)

  • Mattress platform size:(1920×850)±10mm
  • External size:(2210×980)±10mm
  • Height range:500±10mm
  • Back section angle:0-70°±2°
  • Knee section angle: 0-40°±2°


Product features:

  1. D356a Hospital Manual Crank Hospital Bed use “double direction to the position and no-ultimate protection” screw system.
  2. Inside matches “extractive cooper nut”, which has no-ultimate turning protection function and extending bed’s life , it is successfully used for more than 300 thousands of beds .
  3. Back section of bed board adopts “double support” special structure, it can make bed pressure equally spread around in order to avoid any unequally pressure. In addition, it can greatly reduce dynamical system burthen, it’s very easily to operate , furthermore, it greatly extend dynamical system’s use life.
  4. The robots welding on many parts of the bed frame, bed board, manual screw and bedside rails, high precise and strong welding, avoiding the disadvantages of hand made to ensure the whole beds structure stability and reliability.
  5. Head and foot panels are steam-line design, no sanitary problem.


Green, Yellow, Blue

D356a  Manual Crank Hospital Bed

Chức năng chính=Main functions

  1. A.Back section up/down
  2. B.Knee section up/down

Chọn lựa=Options

  • Iv pole
  • Dining table
  • Sundries stand


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